Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lightning Strikes

Why do I even bother? Things aren't going to work out between us. For some reason I have faith. Like by some fucking miracle, things will be easy. It's never simple...god damn it. It's not so much a tragedy...just a minor annoyance. Damn my feelings. Stupid ovaries, you ruin everything!! Fuck it, why do I care? If I could pick apart my brain I'd extract you.. you fucking parasite. Feeding off of my devotion and pathetic determination to be with you. No more do I want to think of you. Wasted time, once again. Waste of breath, body, and mind.

Fuck you man. I'm better off alone.


True Beauty

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Cubing.

Okay so, I've come up with ten new goals. Here they are:

1. Save my money. - I won't be going out as much...and no more compulsive shopping.

2. Get organized. - My car WILL be clean, damn it. I will be weeding out the things I don't need.

3. Work out daily. - Even walking is better than nothing...Kung-fu is coming back.

4. Healthy Diet. - Getting over my sugar cravings. More meals, less calories.

5. Move out. - Maybe to Pensacola? Solo.

6. Go to school. - Knock the general classes out of the way. A couple at a time? Just get it started.

7. Get motorcycle license. - Sort of a prize for my hard work.

8. Learn to cook better. - Personal enjoyment, really. I can't cook for shit.

9. Mend relations. - Just be a better friend, daughter, sister, lover, and fighter.

10. Get shit done. - Time to grow up.

I WILL succeed.