Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Cubing.

Okay so, I've come up with ten new goals. Here they are:

1. Save my money. - I won't be going out as much...and no more compulsive shopping.

2. Get organized. - My car WILL be clean, damn it. I will be weeding out the things I don't need.

3. Work out daily. - Even walking is better than nothing...Kung-fu is coming back.

4. Healthy Diet. - Getting over my sugar cravings. More meals, less calories.

5. Move out. - Maybe to Pensacola? Solo.

6. Go to school. - Knock the general classes out of the way. A couple at a time? Just get it started.

7. Get motorcycle license. - Sort of a prize for my hard work.

8. Learn to cook better. - Personal enjoyment, really. I can't cook for shit.

9. Mend relations. - Just be a better friend, daughter, sister, lover, and fighter.

10. Get shit done. - Time to grow up.

I WILL succeed.

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