Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ce Jeu

Boy, am I happy to have left work, prematurely. I have happily sat around an empty house watching movies, and eating macaroni and cheese. YES! I said eating! Finally, some peace of mind. My appetite has come back and I await more fat upon my thighs! 

Guess I should expect to go on the diet and exercise kick tomorrow if my well being seems promising. 

Today, I adore myself with black hair. It is the only color I want, ever again. Many colors have been on these strands, but darker hues just look best. I have also realized I have the body type to pull off some pin-up fashion. So, cheers to wasting my money on new clothing and accessories soon, because I want to look good. I really want to learn more pin-up hairstyles! My curves and dark hair should accentuate my concept.

                                                                      Like this right here!

Ooooh...and soon I am to take a motorcycle course! Damn it, I want a bike terribly! I think it would be so exhilarating to ride so freely! If you have been somewhere with me, you know my intense infatuation with driving my vehicle as it is. So... a motorcycle just seems like a new love. I see so many riders and, that should be me! I have no idea what type of bike I want yet, I guess only time will tell.

On that positive note, I leave you. Excited and ready to move on.

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